Drug Policy: Drug Courts in the U.S.


Neither Treatment nor Justice: Drug Courts in the United States

This report required six months of research in local courts in New York, New Hampshire and Florida to document violations of the rights to life, health and fair trial. 

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The Report: Drug Courts in the United States

As a researcher for Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), I spent six months in 2016 traveling from county to county in New Hampshire, Florida and New York visiting drug courts. The resulting report, which I co-authored with my colleague Marianne Møllmann, demonstrates several key failings in drug courts in these states. Specifically, drug courts often fail to provide evidence-based treatment, they compromise medical ethics for treatment providers, they routinely violate the human rights to privacy and health of participants, and they fall far outside of a public health response to problem drug use.

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Fact Sheets: More on Drug Courts

Read fact sheets on medication-assisted treatment, treatment for high-need, high-risk individuals, and law enforcement-assisted diversion programs.

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Media: Commentary

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