Media & Conferences


Media & Conferences

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Media (Commentary)

The New York Times: "A Doctor's Trial in a Turkish Border Town" 2017 by Christine Mehta 

Open Society Foundations: "How Drug Courts are Falling Short" 2017 by Christine Mehta

Physicians for Human Rights: "As Drug Court Proponents Rally Around Capitol Hill, Legislators Beware" 2017 by Christine Mehta

Physicians for Human Rights: "World Must Not Overlook Violence in Turkey's Southeast in Wake of Failed Coup" 2016 by Christine Mehta

Foreign Affairs: "Policing Kashmir" 2016 by Christine Mehta

Foreign Affairs: "Speak No Evil" 2016 by Christine Mehta

Open Society Foundations: "Who Will Identify Ukraine's Dead?" 2016 by Christine Mehta

U.S. Holocaust Museum: "What does 2016 Hold for Ukraine?" 2016 by Christine Mehta

Al Jazeera: "Military Injustice: Both U.S. and India "Left in the Dark" 2014 by Christine Mehta

Media (Reporting)

USA Today: "Vanpool a route to prosperity" 2011 by Christine Mehta

USA Today: "The Normal Kid" 2011 (assistant producer) 

Media Mentions (Selected)



NPR (2017): "To Grow Market Share, A Drug maker Pitches Its Product to Judges"

National Institute of Corrections (2017):  "Neither Justice nor Treatment: Drug Courts in the United States" 

The Spawn Group (2017), Podcasts: "Drug Courts"

Newsweek (2017): "Health Care is "Under Siege' in Southeastern Turkey: Report"

New York Daily News (2016): "Turkey urged to free human rights activists accused of spreading 'terrorist propaganda'"

PEN America (2016): "Turkey urged to free human rights activists accused of spreading 'terrorist propaganda"" 

Indian Express (2016): "US-based rights group accuse India of excessive use of force obstructing access to medical care in Valley"

Reuters (2016): "Wounded Kashmiris blocked from medical help" 

Hindustan Times (2016): "US rights group accuses India of indiscriminate use of force in Kashmir crisis" 

RadioFree Europe (2016): "Doctors Say Indian Troops Blocked Care for Injured Kashmiri Protesters" 

The Hindu (2015): "Chidambaram criticises deportation of Amnesty researcher Christine Mehta" 


Al Jazeera: Featured Panelist (2013) "Kashmir's struggle for juvenile justice: Does securing Indian-administered Kashmir come at the expense of young detainees' civil rights?" 

Kashmir Watch (2013): "Afzal Guru Did Not Get a Fair Trial: Amnesty International"

Kashmir Life (2014): "Army Gave Itself a Clean Chit, Says Amnesty International" 

Amnesty International (2014): "Closure of Pathribal case, a reminder of impunity in J&K" 

Newsweek Pakistan (2014): "Anger in Indian Kashmir After Soldiers Cleared Over Killings" 

Zeenews India (2014): "Army's closing of Pathribal killigs case criticised in Kashmir"


Speaker: Law Enforcement and Public Health Conference – Panelist (2016) on “Drug Courts: Helpful or Harmful?”, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Guest lecturer: The New School, NY, NY. Guest lectured for graduate-level seminar on human rights methods for documentation (2016) 

Workshop leader: Amnesty International USA Annual Conference (2015), “Crackdown on freedom of expression – sedition in South Asia” 

Workshop leader: Amnesty International USA Annual Conference (2014), “The role of social media in protesting violence against women in South Asia” 

Workshop leader: Video Volunteers India (2014). Designed and conducted week-long training on human rights law and documentation methods to civil society organizations and journalists working in conflict zones in India. 

Panelist & Workshop Coach: Amnesty International UK Student Conference (2012). Spoke to 500 UK undergraduate students about human rights work in India. Conducted two workshops in one week for groups of students on human rights