Investigator. Storyteller. Advocate


Storytelling is my craft. Human rights are my cause. 


Christine Mehta

I am a researcher, writer, and campaigner dedicated to protecting human rights where they are most immediately threatened.

I've reported on racial profiling and refugees in the U.S. Rust Belt, researched illegal detention India, and written on torture in Ukraine - to name a few. Formerly with Amnesty International, I am currently a researcher with the investigations unit at Physicians for Human Rights - an organization using forensic science to document human rights violations and shed light on controversial or unethical medical practices and their harmful effects.

As a sample of my work, see the report I authored and published with Amnesty International in July 2015 on lack of accountability for human rights violations by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Most recently, I authored a report detailing the ongoing human rights violations occurring in southeast Turkey as clashes between PKK-linked militants and Turkish security forces continue even the wake of the failed military coup and resulting crackdown. The report is titled "Southeastern Turkey: Health Care Under Siege."





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